Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Fishing Tournament for Easter UK

Hello friends, It is time for the first great fishing tournament which this blog will organize for UK server.
This tournament is very simple. All what you need to do is to catch the biggest Black EggShellfish. Then make a screenshoot (see below) and send it to mysteries_of_the_spiral_uk@yahoo.com Use subject: Easter fishing tournament.

The fish which you must catch is death school, rank 1 and can be found at The Commons, Jade Palace, Northguard, Oasis.

The screenshoot must be on your full screen and must show the moment in which you catch the fish (the window with the fish, which shows the fish size). It must not be screenshoot from your fishing bucket or aquarium. Also you must write "hi" in chat before to close thw window with the fish.Look the example below:

Get the biggest fish to be sure you will get one of the awesome rewards which we have!

The winners will be selected by the size of them fishes. If we have 2 people with same fish size we will consider the time in which the e-mails with screenshoots arrived. So you must not only catch the biggest fish, but be faster too.


1st place: Caerbannog Rabbit

2nd place: Prismatic Hare

3rd place: Mastery amulet
4th place: bunny suit
5th place: bunny suit
6th-10th place: 2 Hydra's hoard packs

The tourament starts immediately and ends on 29.03.2016

Good luck!
Enjoy the Spiral!

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