Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Eggbert + Lost pages on UK

Hello friends,

Eggbert, our Easter vendor, looks forward to greeting you from 22nd to 29th April in the Shopping District of Wizard City! Check out the festive wands that he has on offer especially for the occasion: adorned with bunny ears, Easter eggs and cute chicks. In addition he is also offering hopping mounts such as the Caerbannog Rabbit or the Prismatic Hare. Hop on by!

The Librarian Harold Argleston needs your help: a group of young students has just gotten their hands on an extremely dangerous book. Now dark magic has hexed all six of them. Find the students and free them from the bindings of the Book of Lost Pages! Every young wizard that has not yet completed this quest (yet has completed 'Unicorn's Folly') can now start it in Wizard City's Library. Have fun!

Enjoy the Spiral!

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