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Spring update life on UK

Welcome to Monstrology

This update includes the Monstrology system and the new Monstrodome Housing item. Also three new Skeleton Key Bosses, the level 118 school pet quests, Aquila fishing, the Jewel Vault, the Frenzy spell, removal of “no trade” from older rare equipment, new Castle Magic items and spells, and a ton of bug fixes.

Now you can capture the “Animus” of monsters through the magic of Monstrology. Wizards level 12 and above should visit Monstrologist Burke across from the Myth School in Ravenwood to take on the quest, “Know Thine Enemy” for an introduction to the new Monstrology system in Wizard101.

You’ll begin with a quick training session to using the Extract Animus spells which apply to damage cards in combat much like other enchantments (In other words, you apply an Extract Animus spell to your cards much like you would the Colossal spell). Use these enchanted cards during combat to extract Animus. Use Animus to then create Summon Monster Treasure Cards, create House Guests for your Castle, or create powerful Expel Monster Treasure Cards for non-boss enemies.

Press “T” in game to open your Monstrology Tome to create and track these new items.

You’ll also now be earning ranks in Monstrology and earning badges for your accomplishments while you play with this new system.

Special Notes

- During PvE combat, non-Myth school wizards can summon one monster through a created treasure card, but Myth players can summon up to three!
- If the monster is one you can only ever fight once through a quest, you won’t be able to collect animus from it.
- If your Monstrology level is equal to the enemy's rank, you should be able to get an animus. If your Monstrology level is below the enemy's rank, it will be harder to collect animus. The difficulty grows as the level/rank difference increases.
- When you fail to collect Animus, you’ll receive a message explaining why it wasn’t collected.
- Be sure to check the Monstroomibus pedestal next to Monstrologist Burke if you need a refresher on the Monstrology tutorial and the new Monstrodome Crown Shop Item.
- Animus Extraction spells are Myth-based spells. You will find them in the Myth section of your spell book after they are added to your library of spells.
- Note that if you are enchanting a Damage Over Time (DoT) spell with an Animus Extraction card, you will only be credited animus for the initial attack against the enemy, even if your DoT spell eventually defeats the enemy.


Along with the new Monstrology system also comes the Monstrodome!

The Monstrodome is an interact-able item you either purchase through the Crown Shop or craft (See Felicia Worthington in Marleybone to purchase the recipe). You can add your minion summoning treasure cards into the Monstrodome and invite friends to come duel your devious collection of monsters from within your player housing.

You interact with the Monstrodome much like you would other housing items. You click on the Place Object housing button, place your Monstrodome in your house, Click on your Monstrodome, and then click on the Monstrodome icon.

Skeleton Key Bosses

It’s time to face off against three all new Skeleton Key Bosses in Wizard101.
Find Sapoti in the Hall of Doors in Krokotopia (Wooden Skeleton Key Boss).
Find Captain Hockins in Zafaria’s Waterfront (Stone Skeleton Key Boss).
Find Mirage’s Verboten Mimic in Aggrobah near the river area (Gold Skeleton Key Boss).

New Level 118 School Pets!

The Arcanum Scholars now have a new quest available to those who are level 118. They will summon you to talk to them in the Arcanum and will send you on a quest to earn a new school pet.

Aquila Fishing

New fish (and treasure chests) can now be found along the coast of Aquila. Fish up some great rewards and some new friends (like the Spartan Spear) for your fish tanks at home!

Crown Shop

Introducing the Jewel vault! The Jewel Vault works similarly to the seed vault, but for jewels. You place your vault in your player housing, click on it, and open your jewel vault. From here you can transfer your extra jewels into your vault. Note that a crafting recipe for the Jewel Vault is also available from Toshio.

Other Crown Shop changes are as follows

- For those who want to shortcut the time it takes to gather Animus, we have a brand new Animus Elixir that triples the animus collected.

- The Ghulture’s Hoard pack now gives a level-appropriate socket wrench when one is obtained from a pack.
- Level 115 jewels were added to the Crown Shop Jewel Packs.
- The Marleybone Car mount is now able to be dyed.

- Qyburn Stellargaze has a new upgraded Frenzy spell available for wizards who already own the Berserk spell.
- Ignus Ferric now offers Link as a trainable spell.
- Baba Yaga now offers Gobbler as a trainable spell.
- Jacki Whisperwind now offers Precision as a trainable spell.

- Daily Assignments should now be less likely to give you assignments for worlds you haven’t visited yet.
- Added new Mirage daily quests.
- Added Team up option for Stone Key Boss instances.
- The Team up penalty will now only apply to the first person who leaves an instance early.
- Adjusted the Young Morganthe encounter in Avalon, so it will be a little easier.
- Reduced the health of bosses in Darkmoor’s upper halls.
- Players should now be able to re-enter the Ghulture Nest after completing it.
- Corrected the resistances for several enemies in Mirage.
- All ghultures can now drop their feathers for the “Soft Spot” quest goal.
- The Ghosts for the Packman instance now have a larger variety of spells they cast.
- Adding a Death Dispel to the Shadowwock in Mirage will no longer cause it to not dispel the trap it places on itself.
- Exiting Duncan’s house no longer teleports you to the wrong location.
- Completing Zeke’s quest in Mirage now gives a badge for the achievement.
- Being defeated in the Chapter Hall will no longer cause a reset of the dungeon.
- Guillermel’s Nomadic Needs quest now gives more information on how to achieve the Treasure Hunter Badge.
- Fixed quest text for the Level 118 spell quests. Players will now be directed to the Mottoman Treasure Cave in the Caravan, not Rubal Wastes.
- The Speedy Delivery quest and the Leyden lab quest no longer show Austrilund as the goal location.
- Players who have purchased the level 50 elixir can now also find Zeke’s Yardbirds as well as Troggs.
- Adjusted the starting pips of Iron Paw.
- Snowbeard will no longer respawn after defeat in multiplayer combat.
- The Bear Market quest should no longer divert you from your main quests in Wizard City.
- Multiple Ice Angler Bosses should no longer spawn in the Chamber of the Frozen Sun in Khrysalis.
- The Night Dread found in the quest Tunnel Trouble should no longer continue spawning continually.
- Fixed a bug with repeating the Zolton Zero Hour and Crimson Eagle bosses in Azteca.
- The final quest objective for “Springtime for Hrundle” no longer incorrectly directs players to Savaarstaad Pass.
- Fixed several instances in Azteca where players questing together would have to wait for items to re-appear after someone collected them.
- Fixed a multiplayer bug with freeing prisoners during the quest “Lemon Fresh.”
You’ll now be able to read the final dialog panel for the quest “Romancing El Yollotl”
- You’ll no longer have to collect younglings in a certain order during the quest “Scout it Out.”
- Fixed a bug where quest dialog would unexpectedly repeat in Azteca.
- Fixed a bug where other players wouldn’t be hidden during dialog in Azteca.
- Players should no longer encounter both freed and trapped versions of Thunder Horns during the quest “Journey to the Cenote of the Earth.”
- Onyx Rain-Sun no longer appears in two places at one time while having the quest “Hickory Wind”
- Exiting Zemieckis Cave in Azteca will put you in a less dangerous location.


- The No Trade restriction on most rare equipment from Wizard City to Dragonspyre has now been removed. This includes lower level one-shot dungeon and ultra-dungeon equipment.
- Decks with stats will now display those stats before they display level, trade, auction, and PvP-use information.
- Several common drops from Mirage are now able to be auctioned in the bazaar.
- Modified the jewels that can be obtained from common enemies in Mirage.
- Eloise in the Caravan now offers different options for gear stitching.
- Added Level 108 “Kataba” and “Walrusk” items to various bosses in Polaris.
- Attempted to further clarify rounding errors with Accuracy/Precision statistics.
- Renamed the “Punishment Opal” level 115 jewel to the “Renew Opal.”
- Having a full backpack no longer blocks the purchase of Treasure Cards in the Bazaar.
- Feeding the Ancient Purrzian War Mantle to your pet will have a better chance to give rewards.


- Jordo Mistborn is now located closer to his brother Brandon Mistborn.
- The amount of damage a critical hit can do in PVP has been increased from +25% to +30%.


- Added new Castle Magic items and spells, including some new camera control spells! Be sure to drop by Babbage Basset to check out his new inventory.
- A glow has been added to the Gardening Button when you have plants (that aren’t elder) ready to harvest.
- The Faction and Arcanum apartments can now be sold.
- Enlarging an item with castle magic will also enlarge their range if they are an interact-able housing item.
- Increased the reliability of Castle Magic Start Detectors.
- Using a Magic Random Reflector with a Magic timer will now provide more randomized results.
- The Gingerbread and Nutcracker wands no longer face the wrong direction when placed in player housing.
- Fixed several Darkmoor wall hangings that were difficult to remove from housing walls.


- Added jump sounds to several mounts that were missing them.
- Added sounds for transformations that were missing them.
- Added underwater sounds for the Bat Swarm, Road Warrior’s Chopper, and Marleybone Car mounts.
- Made a polish pass for the sound in Grizzleheim.
- Added missing sounds for Wurmling enemies in Mirage.
- Derby pets now have footstep sounds.
- Continued polishing footstep sounds for mounts and player.
- Optimized audio levels for the Storm House exterior.
- Created new sounds for the Bunny Sleigh mount’s backwards and underwater movement.


- Added three new member dance emotes.
- When you jump, your equipped pet now jumps with you.
- Fixed a bug where cards appeared to be stuck on the screen.
- Feral Felons, Thuggie Goons, and Fang Street Snakes will now count toward the Aggrobah Enforcer and Sheriff badges.
- The Understudy badge now sorts underneath the Arcanum badges.
- New badges were added for defeating undead enemies.
- Added left arrows to all of the inventory pages of the spell book.
- Improved the camera work for quests in Avalon, Azteca and Khrysalis.
- Fixed a couple of quest camera issues in Mirage.
- Added more wisps in mirage.
- Further polished Mirage.
- Added Health Wisps to the Sunless Shrine Citadel.
- Fixed a bug causing many mobs in Mirage to have their defeat animation cut short.
- Fixed a bug causing Ice DOT spell effects to appear as Moon damage.
- Fixed a bug with the wallpaper on the Red Barn Farm Interior and the Massive Fantasy Palace throne room.
- Dancing for the empress no longer says “For Ali Baboon” when you approach the area to dance in.
- The smaller friends list is now sorted the same way as the larger friends list.
- Call of Khrulhu no longer appears to visually return health back to the entire team.
- Fixed the odd looking Dromel Dancer Underwater animation.
- The Transmute Agave Nectar recipe now only requires Grandmaster Artisan.
- Added a few missing maps in Khrysalis.
- Fixed clipping issues with players holding a 2-handed weapon and Malistaire’s Robe.
- Fixed the “ghosted” sword appearance during the spell animation for Scorching Scimitars.
- The snowglobe in Walruskberg is now correctly marked as River of Frozen tears instead of Icefall Passage.
- Zeus Sky Father’s natural attack no longer appears to have him twist his legs.
- Fixed the location spelling for “Nail’s Hideout.”
- Using the new member dances will also cause your pet to dance.
- Added a new setting that allows you to choose your victory dance after combat.
- Jumping inside player housing now also makes your nearby pets and mounts want to jump.
- Locked items can no longer be accidentally sold from the Quick sell menu.
- Sigils have been added outside of the Legendary Crafting room in the Arcanum.
- Velma Von Venkman has new talking animations.
- Fixed a camera bug with the quest “I wanna be adored.”
- A pet spell that fizzles will also show a casting animation.
- Monstrology has been added as a deck name option.
- Using Dr. Von’s Monster on Trengil Hoarders should no longer cause excessive cheating from the Hoarders.
- Other players should now be able to see what is being cast by the person in the 4th position of the battle circle.
- Fixed the typos on the Zafaria teleporter names.
- The Pip Conversion value for the Myth School no longer appears off-center.

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