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Test realm is open!!!! USA

Enter the Vast Expanses of Mirage!

Step into Mirage, a world of shifting sands and shifting allegiances, where ancient treasures and ancient dangers were buried in the hope they might never again see the light of day.

Explore vast dune deserts punctuated by treacherous canyons and jungle rifts where the ancient House Qhats have retreated into their garden sanctuaries, abandoning the Dromel nomads to the wastes above and the ravages of the Winds of Change.
Walk the streets of Aggrobah, the so-called City of Thieves, where a charming but ineffective King has allowed crime lords like the notorious Ali Baboon to run amok.
Negotiate with mysterious Djinn to build an alliance between the world’s warring factions.
Battle alongside the ancient order of the Chronomancers who maintain the sacred Sands of Time.
Meet a cast of eccentric characters. Join them, and your friends, to expose the machinations of Grandfather Spider and his shadowy minions before their dark schemes lead to a catastrophic conclusion.

Players who have reached level 110 and have completed the Polaris quest “Back to the Arcanum” need to visit Librarian Fitzhume to take on the quest “Post-Polaris Prognosis.”

Those who have completed the required quest will have the badge “Defender of Land & Sky” in the Polaris tab of the Badges screen.

For Crowns players, Mirage contains 6 separate Premium Zones, priced at 1995c each.

Time to be a “Champion” Wizard at Level 120!

New heights of power, bonuses, abilities, and opportunity await your characters as they adventure through Mirage:

Training Points will be awarded at level 115 and 120, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Mirage.
With increased levels also comes increased Gold! For Wizards level 111-120 the maximum gold is now 475,000.
Along with a level increase also comes new level 120 henchmen in the Crown Shop! Please open up the Crown Shop and give these mirage-themed henchmen a try.
Grandmaster Socket Wrenches are now available for unlocking the jewel slots in the new gear you’ll be finding in Mirage.
Players who complete the quest “Trial of the Understudy” will also find they have a brand new apartment in the Arcanum! When you receive this elegant two-tiered apartment, an additional castle elixir is automatically applied to your account, so you can equip it from your backpack even if you already have 3 castles.
Brandon MistBorn offers new level 120 PvP equipment and jewels.
Prefect Josapat in Mirage offers treasure cards to those who visit his shop.

*Please remember, when you were at the previous level maximum of 110 no experience was rewarded for duels and quests completed once you reached level 110. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 110 before we raised the level cap will be level 110 to start. Now that we have raised the level cap, you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.

Divide and Conquer with new Level 118 Spells

The Arcanum Scholars are ready to bring new power to your spell books once you reach level 118. They’ll have a new spell quest for all Wizards who reach level 118 and complete the quest “History of the Cabal.”

All of these Level 118 spells feature a new mechanic where you “divide” you

r damage among the number of targets you chose. After selecting the spell, you then select each target you would like the spell to hit. Your choice: 1, 2, 3, or 4 targets!

Legendary Weapons

If you’ve completed the quest “Gemstone Secrets” from Polaris and “Stop! HammerTail” from Khrysalis and are currently a Promethean Crafter, you’ll gain a new quest from Librarian Fitzhume to discuss the Forge of Legends in the Arcanum with Ignus Ferric. Ignus will then sell you recipes so you can begin crafting Legendary Weapons.

Earn Respect with Faction Vendors

There are new “faction” vendors in Mirage. This is a new type of vendor who only sells you items when you unlock a special badge associated with them. When you encounter these vendors throughout Mirage, do not be surprised when they offer you a quest to get you started. Unique (and hard-earned) treasures can be purchased from them when you earn a faction vendor’s respect! You can even purchase a new apartment from a faction vendor. The apartment exits to your faction’s area of Mirage. (Remember, unlike your dorm room or Arcanum apartment, you will need to purchase an additional Castle Elixir if your housing limit is at max and you would like to purchase a new apartment from your faction’s vendor.)

No Spoilers!

Not so fast, Wizard! During the first part of your time on Test Realm we’ll be hiding the final encounter of Mirage . . . until the time is just right. Until then, NO SPOILERS!

Castle Magic!

Take your Castle to an all new level of complexity and fun with Castle Magic! To begin, locate Babbage Basset in Regent’s Square of Marleybone and take his new quest, “Strange Charms.” Basset will give you a “Castle Magic Help Tome” that you can place in your house. (NOTE: later in the Test Realm the quest involving the Help Tome will be more interactive, but for now, you’ll need to go through the tome manually to learn more about this new system.)

Once you’re well trained with the Castle Magic system, Babbage will sell you special “castle magic” items and treasure cards so you can turn your castle into a unique experience your guests have never seen before.

Now you’ll be able to make items move, appear, animate, and react to your visitor’s actions and locations. You’ll even be able to build simple puzzles similar to those found in the early dungeons of Wizard101! We can’t wait to see your creations.

Save and Convert Pips with “Pip Conversion”

here’s an all new statistic in Wizard101 that can be found on Decks, Amulets and Wands in Mirage. Introducing Pip Conversion! This passive statistic can turn single pips into power pips and even occasionally give you a pip back.

First, with Pip Conversion, casting any spell that uses more pip value than the actual pip cost (for example, a Phoenix spell that costs 5 pips and uses 3 power pips when cast), the Pip Conversion stat will occasionally refund you a single pip back. The higher your Pip Conversion statistic, the higher your chance is for this to happen.

Second, when all seven pip slots are full and some of your pips are single pips instead of power pips, the Pip Conversion stat will occasionally turn one of your white pips into a yellow power pip at the start of the planning phase. This is done based on your highest pip conversion rating (for instance if your fire pip conversion was the highest of all the pip conversion statistics, it would be based off your fire pip conversion stat.) The higher your Pip Conversion statistic, the higher your chance is for this to happen.

Other Spell, Gear, and Combat Changes

Adjusted the way Reshuffle works with enchanted cards. Enchanted spells no longer return to your deck after reshuffle so that you are no longer able to multiply your spells.
Fixed a bug where a player reaching 100% stun resist, would have actually had to obtain 101% stun resist to be completely immune. Now 100% stun resist works as advertised.
Fixed a bug causing blade spells to go to an unintended target when another player flees.
The Storm Brandon minion now casts more than Queen Calypso.
Fixed a display error where accuracy percentages were displayed as rounding up, when they actually round down. In other words, 100% accuracy is no longer sometimes 99% accuracy.


Integrated a new tech feature which will lower combat music volume and prioritize a spell’s sounds and unique music.
Musical stingers and sound effects will accompany quest dialogue.
An additional jump sound has been added to applicable mounts.
TorchBeard the henchman now has the correct sounds associated with his combat.
The Queen Calypso spell has updated sounds
Sound effect revisions have been made for certain player transformations.
Fixed missing sounds on the Road Warrior Chopper.


The mannequin limit in houses has been increased to 14 male mannequins and 14 female mannequins.
Fixed a bug where the Bamboo Shoots plant didn’t like the Samoorai Statue as advertised.
The Gobbler Vision housing item is no longer classed as a Crowns item.

Other Cool Changes

A new Daily Assignments lore quest has been added – Check in with Aegon Statz to continue hunting down pekron readings.
Fixed a bug causing the Shift Piscean spell to not animate properly.
Fixed the quest location given for the quest “Not so welcome to myth"
Spaced out the buttons on the Friends List Character page a bit to help avoid mis-clicking buttons.
The Polarian Gakti is now able to be auctioned.
Fixed a sigil lighting issue involving the quest location “The Way of Itz”
Fixed a bug with the shadow of the Jack o Lantern pet and the Gobbler Drop mini-game.
Fixed a bug with the swimming animation of the Jack O Lantern pet during pet derby.

Enjoy The Spiral!

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