Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

Incoming 2 new bundles on USA

Hello friends,

2 new bundles are on them way to GameStop - Shinobi and Mirage bundles. I have waited one week with hope someone will find them and post video or information about both bundles. I am very excited about this 2 bundles, that is why I decided share the news will all of you who do not know about the bundles. The rumors are that Shinobi bundle is Moshoo styled bundle with ninja outfit and mount which looks like the leviatan pets. Shinobi bundle should offer us a new dungeon as house item. Mirage bundle will show us what we can expect in Mirage. We know that Mirage is desert world which looks similar to Krokotopia. There are some leaks about the mirage house. Here is video made by AKA Angus:

Enjoy the Spiral!

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