Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

First pvp tournament - direct eliminations level 100-110, 1vs1- UK

Hello friends,

Prepare for a fight!

Welcome to the first tournament for top level wizards!


1. All matches will be played during weekends
2. Matches will be direct eliminations
3. If someone does not show for his/her match will automatically lose
4. No gear, pet or spell restrictions.
5. First 16 players who sign will participate

Tournament schedule:

1. You can sing for the tournament from 24.06.2016 till 09.07.2016
-Send e-mail with your wizard name, school and level to
-Use subject pvp tournament 1vs1
2. First cycle matches will be at: 16-17th July and 23-24th July
3. Second cycle matches will be at: 30-31 July
4. Third cycle matches will be at: 6-7th August
5. The table with the participants will be published on 10.07.2016.
6. Players are obligated to find each other and set up time for the match
7. Players must inform me about the match time.
8. All matches will be played at my houses.
9. All matches will have referee who will confirm the winner.
10. Meeting point pet pavilion 15 min before the match


1st place - mount
2nd place - pet
3rd place - 3 packs
4-16th place - seed vault

Enjoy the Spiral! Let's the best one win!

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