Montag, 30. November 2015

Christmas at Wizard101 UK

Hello, Today we got the newest Ravenwood bulletin. Here is what we can read in it: Dear Wizards, Wizard City has once again donned its festive robes and Christmas merchant Felix Navidad will be in the Shopping District until 4th January 2016, with Nutcracker Wands, Santa Hats and lots more in his large bag! On top of this, we’ll be distributing coupon codes on Facebook. Read about everything else that’s coming up in December in this edition of the bulletin! Happy holidays! There’s magical offers to discover in each week of Advent in our Crown Shop and some amazing discounts on the most popular of items: 1st Week of Advent (1st to 7th December): fantastic mounts and pets, like the Charity Bah Humbug and Merle’s Holiday Rug 2nd Week of Advent (8th to 14th December): the newly arrived Winterland Pack, plus discounts on lots of cards 3rd Week of Advent (15th to 21st December): live more comfortably with the festive furnishings, the Avalon Castle Plot and new furniture sets 4th Week of Advent (22nd to 28th December): all elixirs are reduced by 25%, additionally the new Christmas Aquariums will be available Between the years (29th December to 4th January): fine attire and glorious hairstyles for the fashion-concious magic students of today New special offer bundles: Aztecan building and arena fun! Two packed-full offer bundles are entering the limelight on our website in December: the Grand Tourney Arena Bundle and the Aztecan Builder’s Bundle.. In the builder’s bundle, young architects will not only get a castle plot and plenty of stones, but also the defiant Toucan’t, the Feathered Raptor and the Wild Wing Attire. Duelling masters amongst you can look forward to the Grand Tourney Arena as well as a Dyeable Destrier, the cute Squirerel and the Valiant Jouster’s Armor and Lance. Watch for the announcements in the forum and on our website! Off to the Arena! Hear ye, hear ye: from 1st December till 7th December, all PvP Duels (excluding tournaments) and pet races will cost you absolutely nothing! And, from 22nd to 28th December all tournaments will also be free. If that isn’t an excuse to collect Arena Tickets and exchange them for rewards, I don’t know what is! So c’mon! Send your pets out on the pistes and flick your wand like it is going out of fashion in duels and tournament arenas. May the best win! Festive Crown deals, zone discounts and club advantages Keep your eyes peeled: over the festive period we have prepared a bunch of happy hours for you. If you get Crowns during this period, you will save by the stocking-load! On top of this, we have reduced the prices of the zones in the spiral: from 15th till 21st December you’ll pay 30% less for zones in different worlds. Seize this opportunity for discoveries and new adventures! Exclusive for club members during this time: free training point refunds from Mr. Lincoln and doubled rewards from the pet mini-games and the harvest of plants in your garden. Fishing till your line breaks We would like to take a moment to present to you: the first ever Wizard101 Fishing Tournament! It starts on 21st December 2015 and will be running until 4th January 2016. There’s some fantastic prizes for the winners! We will announce which fish you will need to catch in due time. These poor scaly fellows will then have to be caught before the end of the tournament in as big a number as you can catch. You can register for the fishing tournament from 14th December. You can read more in the forum Magical Advent Calendar: door for door Advent is beginning and with it, a magical event: open a door every day on the Wizard101 Advent Calendar from 1st December until 24th December and answer the question hiding behind it. We’ll be raffling off great prizes amongst all the correct submissions! You can view more on the event in our forum. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

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